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Stock Items

Water features always create an interest


In wood, stone or metal, supplied as individual item or with complementary foliages both tropical and English country garden.

Band Stand

Edwardian style, hexagonal in shape, measuring 4m diameter by 4m high.  Supplied with or without its wooden floor, entry steps and handrail.


Foliages, flowers, coloured ropes, hessian etc used to dress doorways, marquee poles, windows or merely as a point of interest along walkways.  Mounted on a frame these can be in a variety of sizes.

Complementary Stonework

Victorian style urns, bowls and terracotta pots, statues and pedestals.  We also have balustrade and fancy designs in slabs plus decorative items such as Japanese lanterns.

Large and small rocks, pebbles, artificial and natural stones.


Please see our separate sheet for details on containers.


We have a wide choice of vases, baskets, pedestals and other containers for our arrangements.   In addition we have an excellent range of sundries including willow bundles, tortured willow, glass chippings and coloured aggregates.  Please see our separate sheet for details.


Picket fencing - wooden white painted in sections of 1m and 3m wide x 1m high.  Can be used free standing for hard surfaces or fixed into the ground for areas of grass.  Comes erected using 7.5cm square wooden posts.

Larch lap fencing - 2m wide panels with height of 1m and 2m - can be used freestanding.


Our stock consists of both traditional and modern styles ranging from 3-tier standing approximately 2.2m high to smaller items at only 1m or less.  Varied designs are available including 2 and 3 bowl, leaf, champagne glass, fish, pouring terracotta, tubes and drilled stones.


Spotlights for water features and garden areas.  Tee lights to decorate trees and garlands and free standing lights for walkways and patios.

Outdoor Trees

We have both tropical and British trees in heights of 1m to 6m.  For specialist designs we have the ability to source larger specimens.  To complement the larger varieties we carry extensive stocks of ornamental bushes and shrubs.  These include many flowering species.  We also have many topiary shapes.

Patio Materials

Under this heading we include all floor-covering materials, such as sand, shingle, gravel and bark.  We have pebbles, bricks and slabs in many different shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

Plants - General

Greenhouse stock includes all the favourites - palms, weeping figs, bay trees, date palms, standard figs plus ivies, dracaena, beaucarnea and many other less known varieties.


Panels in natural, green or white in different shapes and sizes.  Standard sizes are 1.2m x 1.2m or 1.8m x 1.8m, all free standing for indoor or outdoor use.

Water Features

We carry a large stock of subsidiary items and are able to build ornamental pools, natural waterfalls, cascades, streams, rapids etc.  We can build fountains of water shooting to any height and cascades with at least a 4m fall.

For the above items we carry a full stock of pool liners, pumps, lights, preformed pools, artificial rock, water plants and different styles of water jets.

Wrought Iron

Outline shapes of musical instruments, branched candle stands, rose arches, benches, tiered plant baskets, candlesticks and pedestals.

If it is not on this list, it may be that we have merely overlooked it!